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As a manufacturer of plastics

Kumagai acquired ISO 14001 certification in February 2000.

One reason for this certification is that as a manufacturer dealing with plastic, which has an impact on the environment, we believe that we have a responsibility to respond seriously and sincerely to environmental problems.

Another reason is to raise the environmental awareness of not some, but all company employees through ISO 14001 practices, as well as encouraging employees to consider how they can reduce environmental impact at the company they work at, then put these ideas into practice.

We believe that if every single individual understands environmental thinking and puts it into practice, then the circle of awareness will ripple out from the office to the home, to acquaintances, and to the wider region.

Based on the ISO14001 approach, Kumagai is committed to reducing environmental burden through measures such as workplace energy conservation and waste reduction, as well as devising product development with reduced environmental impact, and providing these products to users.

Kumagai also acquired ISO 9001 certification in February 2005.

Kumagai is committed to the ongoing pursuit of quality, delivery, and cost that our customers demand, as well as providing trusted products.


Scope of ISO certification

ISO14001 Head Office, Iwamuro Factory, Kyogase Factory, KZM Co., Ltd.
ISO9001 Head Office, Sales Offices (except for West Japan Sales Office), Iwamuro Factory, Kyogase Factory, KZM Co., Ltd.