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1953/12 Niigata's first industrial processer and wholesaler of polyethylene, Kumagai was founded in Niigata City by current Chairman Daisuke Kumagai
1955/11 Polyethylene tube manufacturing equipment installed
1960/01 Sales department reorganized as Daiwa Plastic Co., Ltd. with each processing department reorganized under Kumagai Shoten Co., Ltd.
Capital 1.5 million yen
1963/07 New plant built in Shimokido, Niigata-shi
1964/09 Nagano Sales Office opened
1964/12 Sendai Sales Office opened
1968/11 Capital 10 million yen
1969/01 Hachinohe Sales Office opened.
1970/06 Company name change to KUMAGAI CO., LTD..
1972/09 New Head Office built
1973/07 Aomori Kumagai Co., Ltd. established and merged with Hachinohe Branch Office
1974/07 Tokyo Sales Office opened
Capital 22.5 million yen
1974/10 Manufacturing department separated off to become KZM Co., Ltd.Manufacturing department separated off to become KZM Co., Ltd.Manufacturing department separated off to become KZM Co., Ltd.
1980/05 Yamagata Sales Office opened
1982/02 Construction of Iwamuro Factory completed
1983/07 Construction of Kyogase Factory completed
1983/11 Iwamuro Factory received “certified factory” designation from the Flexible Packaging Hygiene Association
1993/05 Capital 30 million yen
1994/06 Capital 40 million yen
1997/06 Capital 45 million yen
1998/05 Capital 49 million yen
1999/03 Nagoya Sales Office opened
1999/06 Capital 60 million yen
2000/02 ISO 14001 certification acquired
Head Office, Iwamuro Factory, Kyogase Factory, KZM Co., Ltd.
2005/02 ISO 9001 certification acquired
Entire KUMAGAI CO., LTD., plus KZM Co., Ltd. and Aomori Kumagai Co., Ltd.
2010/04 Merged with Aomori Kumagai Co., Ltd. to become Aomori Sales Office
2013/02 West Japan Sales Office established