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Analysis of residual organic solvents (gas chromatography)

Since organic solvents such as printing agents and glue are used during manufacturing processes for food packaging materials and containers, we need to carry out quality control for these residual organic solvents.

In order to prevent physical damage from these organic solvents, at Kumagai we thoroughly control for residual organic solvents using gas chromatography.

gas chromatography

In-line defect inspection devices

At Kumagai, we have installed in-line defect inspection devices for all printing machines and laminating machines, which we use to inspect for printing defects.
A detailed photographic history of all defects occurring is stored for a certain time. In the unlikely event that a defective product is shipped, the extent of shipping will be identified and the cause of the defect clearly determined.

In-line defect inspection devices

Measuring strength (tensile testing device)

We measure the resistance of the bag opening and other sealed sections, so that we can fine-tune the bag’s ease of opening.

Even when we are designing the optimal strength of products to be opened by hand, we carry out testing using the latest strength measuring equipment, since high precision measurement is required.

Measuring strength

Boiling & retort pouch testing

For products where the customer intends to carry out high-temperature boiling or retort sterilization, we test these in advance using testing equipment.

Boiling & retort pouch testing

Inspection equipment we own

Inspection equipment - Oxygen permeation rate measuring device
- Water vapor permeation rate measuring device
- Digital microscope
- Stereo microscope
- FT-IR (Fourier transform infrared spectrometer)
- DSC (differential scanning calorimeter)
- Melt indexer
- Electronic balance
- Haze meter
- Gloss meter
- Gelbo flex tester with thermostatic bath
- Heat seal tester
- Continuous thickness gauge