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Plastic molded products

The sale of plastic raw materials is one of Kumagai’s major areas of business.

However, since customers in the modern era often inquire about “software” as well as the “hardware,” Kumagai also provides product planning services.

For example, for plastic molded products designed either through tie-ups with leading trading companies or through our own planning and design, we order deliveries of raw materials needed to manufacture those products from molding (mold-making) factories.

As plastic, which holds infinite possibilities, becomes ever more pervasive in our daily lives, we believe that the role of Kumagai, with its specialized knowledge of raw materials, will became increasingly more important.

Plastic molded productsPlastic molded productsPlastic molded products

Main Products

Shipping materials, made by Sanko

Shipping materials, made by Sanko

Overview of Sanko products

Sanko boasts a product lineup of about 7,000 plastic products and materials, focused mainly on plastic pallets and containers. We stock plastic equipment for almost every aspect of the flow (distribution and shipping) of items, and are equipped to respond to any of your needs.

Main features of Sanko products

- Products that comply with the standards of the manufacturing, medical, and logistics industries
- Reducing storage space and improve transport efficiency by introducing a fitting (connector) system
- A broad variety of options to meet any need, no matter how detailed
- High-performance materials can be selected for specific applications

We can provide the plastic raw materials or molded plastic products most suited to the customer’s needs

In addition to planning, layout, design, and production, Kumagai also sells raw materials and molded plastic products. With half a century of industry experience, we provide the raw materials and molded plastic products most suited to customer needs.