Case studies

Introducing some Kumagai customer case studies.
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Case Study 1: Mold prevention achieved through proposal of MHP-II solution

The problem

During a visit to a certain rice wholesaler, we heard about a recent problem.
The problem was this: Consumers who had purchased rice found that when they got home the rice had gone moldy, even before the bag was opened.  When the cause was examined, it was found that the customer had placed frozen food on top of the bag of rice, and that water dripping from the frozen food had entered through holes in the bag, causing the rice to go moldy.

Product inspection

Thus, in order to lower the probability of mold occurring, our sales staff proposed that the customer try changing from the bags with circular perforations (made by another company) currently in use to Kumagai’s MHP-II bags.
Changing to the MHP-II bags means that water does not enter the bag, even when frozen foods are placed on top of it, since the perforations are located underneath the designed surface of the bag. Compared to the bags with circular perforations in current use, the perforations are smaller. Since we demonstrated that bags with smaller perforations did not slow down work productivity, the customer decided to introduce these bags.

Shipping & delivery

Subsequently, these bags were adopted for commercialization of the product, and there have been no complaints from consumers.

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Case Study 2: Cost reduction by providing optimum materials

The problem

A few days later, we inquired about any problems during another customer visit. At the time, expensive rice was not selling well, so the customer wanted to start selling less expensive rice. However, with high costs for materials such as bags, the customer could not offer the prices they preferred.


Thus, our sales staff proposed a way to lower the cost of the bags. Since the customer was currently using laminate bags, we proposed trying a change of material to PE rice bags. Since photo printing performance was basically the same as laminate, but with a lower price per bag, the customer chose to adopt this product.


Subsequently, this material was adopted for commercialization of the product, and costs were lowered so that the customer’s preferred sale price was realized. One of Kumagai’s strengths is that we can manufacture both laminate rice bags and PE rice bags.