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What is Pakat Open?

A new range of easy-open bags that can be opened by folding. A special machining and vacuum forming process has enabled us to realize a simple and exciting new opening system for packages. (Patent pending)

Winner of the food packaging award at the 2014 Japan Packaging Contest.

Pakat Open

*This introduction video shows how the Pakat Open system works.

Pakat Open features

Blades are not required for opening, making this product both easy and safe.
Film stripping does not occur during the opening. There is no concern about contamination by foreign matter.
Ideal for single-use applications. Avoids all the hassle of measurement.

Suggested contents

Suitable for packaging powders or grains.

Grain derivatives Powdered foodstuffs
Kidney beans
Red beans
Corn (dried)
Rice (white rice, brown rice, millet, glutinous rice)
Sesame seeds
Pet food
Glutinous & non-glutinous rice flour
Potato starch
Wheat flour
Bath salts

*These are simply examples of use.